Video Production & Live Streaming

Leverage additional value from your event by live streaming to an online audience.

With all the work that goes into producing an event, you want to maximise your audience and your returns. By filming and streaming your event, you can increase engagement and revenue. The event can also live on with viewers engaging in the event recording.

Read on to hear how …

Reach audiences who cannot attend in person

Having worked in state-wide and national roles where I had to ensure equitable access, in particular for rural and regional members, a video live stream would have been ideal. However traditionally this has been a challenge due to cost and technology not being available unless booking a large function centre or specialist production service.

The need for participants to be able to attend events in person or online, inspired the creation of Curate Space. A small-medium size venue with all the functionality for engaging online audiences live.

Our inhouse production team produces a quality audio visual experience for both the venue and online audiences.

Curate Space hosts a live studio audience for up to 90 participants, and up to 500 participants in the live stream audience.

When your audience wants to attend the event, but distance and time are constraints, what are their options? Rather than missing out, let them participate via a live stream or watch a recording on-demand.


Live stream access options

Content access can be customised to your needs.

Free or pay per view content

It’s totally up to you, whether you make your content free or pay per view.


Having an online audience, you can choose for the live stream to be free, invite only, and event ticketed! It can even be included as a VIP bonus to receive access to the recording.

Sample ticketing:

  • $       Live Stream Audience
  • $       Pay per view to watch the recording
  • $$     Attend the live event
  • $$$   VIP: Front seating at the event and access to the event recording.

Tell us how you would like to structure your pricing and video access, we will customise to your specifications.

Public or Private Content

Public content: 

We can provide ‘widgets’ enabling you to embed the registration/access into your own website.

We can assist with promotion of the online event, by including it on the Curate Space channel.

Private content: The live stream will be set up with restricted access, invite only to your list.

Technical Capability

Curate Space is fully integrated, with audio and video wired into the venue.


Live participants are engaged through Q&A, polls, chat and crossing over to remote presenters.

Your content

The live stream production process can switch between the video footage and your presentation content (powerpoint, images, video, pdfs).


The audio feed provides quality sound for both the venue audience and the video  production.

The audio feed to the video draws on:

  • Up to four wireless microphones.
  • Up to two wall-mounted audio points for laptop, phone and ipad.

Full Package inclusions

  • Audio video equipment hire:
    • Up to four wireless microphones (hand held and/or lapel).
    • Video camera.
    • Technical production equipment.
    • Recording equipment.
  • Speaker briefings and technical support
  • Audio technician – managing levels and audio feeds for up to four microphones feeding to THREE outputs:
    • Venue audio.
    • Broadcast audio.
    • Video recording audio.
  • Stationary tripod mounted video camera and technician
  • Webinar broadcast including:
    • Technician.
    • Online event setup.
    • Published links prior to event for marketing.
    • Loading presentation files.
    • 4G data upload.
    • Live integration of powerpoint slides with video footage.
  • File management and provision of video files:
    • Webinar recordings
    • High definition raw video footage

Custom packages are available, discuss your needs with us.

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