Wellness Workshop: Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh – Gifts of the Wise Men

Discover the mystery and secret behind the iconic imagery of the first Christmas Gift.

Curate Space is hosting a wellness workshop by Angela Vrettas, designed to bring you wellbeing and happiness by experiencing powerful fragrances inspired by the first Christmas Gift.

This workshop is designed for you to experience the powerful fragrances of Biblical plant aromatics and connect with their ancient history and powerful therapeutic benefits for your well being and happiness. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation has recorded plant aromatics, spices, fragrances and herbs used as medicine, incense, beauty, skincare & for culinary purposes. These oils and plants have played an integral role for thousands of years in the Hebraic culture and all through early Christianity.

“There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise.” – Proverbs 21:20

Find out about the famous Christmas story and the 3 Wise Men bringing Frankincense, Gold & Myrrh to gift baby Jesus and presenting them to Mary & Joseph. The workshop will take you on an olfactory journey to ancient times and get to know the oils and plants, herbs, resins and spices mentioned in the scriptures. It includes an introduction to essential oils, the history and background of aromatherapy and ways you could use these biblical oils for your holistic wellbeing and happiness.

Get the ticket for the workshop at $47 and purchase Gift of The Magi set on the day of the workshop at $89. Or you can get Gift of The Magi Set of fragrant,100% natural healing balm, soap and aromatherapy blend set lesser than the retail price with the ticket at $97.

Its and amazing & unique gift for you or someone you love. Plus that’s not all you will also get the opportunity to purchase oils & custom blends formulated for you from the olfactory and sensory connection you make with the precious oils of the bible at the end of the workshop.

When: Saturday, 1st December, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

Location: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, Foyer entry via The Causeway to Level 6. See directions to the venue.

Ticket Price Without the Gift: $47 (Inclusive of GST.)

Ticket Price With the Gift: $97 (Inclusive of GST.)

About the Presenter

Angela Vrettas is a lover of scent and works with pure and exquisite plant aromatics for olfactory pleasure and to influence wellbeing. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience in how to use essential oils the right way to support wellbeing and healing.  She also creates bespoke pure and natural perfumery and other exclusive botanical skincare and bath products to influence a positive lifestyle that is anchored on her philosophy of products made with natural resources that are ethically grown and sustainably sourced. She has a keen interest in the use of plant medicine in antiquity and specialises in researching biblical plant oils and aromatics.

About Curate Space

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Curate Space is designed with presenters and coaches in mind. As well as providing beautiful spaces, our team supports presenters with event production, video streaming and marketing services. Presenters are relieved from logistics, free to focus on delivering their message and passion on stage.

‘PRISM Leadership Lab’ – Workshop

Designed for Innovative Creatives  & Leaders of the Future.

Curate Space is hosting the ‘PRISM TRAINING’ Workshop in May 3rd to 6th, 2018 conducted by Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud with host from Australia, Jassy Watson as a special guest teacher.

A Four-Day Voyage into the quantum heart of leadership. This is your invitation to designed to catalyze personal leadership, creative genius, regenerative ecology and conscious entrepreneurship  through unreasonable self-expression. 

What if we moved the way the planets move? The way the stars spin? The way trees grow? The way water flows?

What kind of life would we create if we aligned ourselves and our projects with the most powerful movement of creation?

In our 4 Day Training in Melbourne City, Australia, we explore these inquiries as it relates to leadership and entrepreneurship.

A deep dive into the recreation of your innovative Worldview and Sacred Assignment + Regenerative Ecology + Your Cosmic Agency.

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Business Writing Workshops: Blogs and Beyond

Curate Space is hosting Ann Bolch of ‘A story to tell’ for ‘Business Writing Workshops: Blogs and Beyond’ in Melbourne

  • You’re passionate and proud of the work you do. And you know you need to write about it to get the story out there. But it’s not happening.
  • Blogs and Beyond is one-third professional development, one-third personal development and one-third a map to make your business communication ready, real and right.
  • It’s so hands on, there’ll be times when your writing hand actually gets sore!

‘Blogs and Beyond’ Workshop

When: 15 March 2018
Where: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St Melbourne. See directions to the venue

Arrive: 12:45 pm for a 1:00 pm start
Close: 5:00 pm

Tickets are available for $195.00
Brain food provided!

Blogs and Beyond Workshop: ‘Women’s Business’

When: 27 March 2018
A women only workshop, timed around school drop-off and pickup!
Where: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St Melbourne. See directions to the venue

Arrive: 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start
Close: 2:30 pm

Tickets are available for $195.00
Brain food provided!

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‘The Presenters Experience’ – Workshop by Andrew Eggelton

Curate Space is partnering with Andrew Eggelton for ‘The Presenters Experience’ Workshop in Melbourne on 15th March. 

It’s time to begin your powerful journey, deliver your unique message to the world, empower others and leave your own legacy.

This half day workshop will take you through ‘The Journey of World Class Presenter’ with Andrew Eggelton.

When: Thursday, 15th March at 10:00–13:00
Where: Curate Space 306 Little Collins St, Melbourne, CBD. See directions to the venue

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  • ‘World Class’ begins by dropping our Presenting from our Heads to our Hearts, so we focus on the feeling and less, the technical. The feeling is what engages our audience.
  • For example, can you remember a movie that made you laugh, cry or changed the way you viewed the world by shifting how you felt at the time? Now can you remember all the dialogue? Exactly.

  • ‘Self Expression.’ Understand that YOU are your cut through. By having the freedom to express who you are on stage, not only do you stand out, but more importantly, it becomes effortless.
  • By being you, you’re giving your audience permission to be the same, as you invite each other to authentically connect. That’s a gift!
  • Play within a ‘Framework’ created to suit each individual – If you’re listening or feeling into your audience, you’ll know what they need moment to moment as the words simply find their way to your lips.
  • And lastly, fully ‘Embody’ your Presenting, to become an authority in your field.

What happens here, is that you truly believe in what you’re doing, which shows up in your body language, voice, words and energy, organically.


Bonus ticket to the ‘Clarity, Certainty and Confidence’ Workshop

Curate Space is partnering with Y Square Education for the ‘Clarity, Certainty and Confidence’ Workshop in Melbourne on 7th February. Through Curate Space you will receive a second ticket for a colleague or friend. 

  • You are successful in your career and personal lives, but somewhere underneath, at a much deeper level, YOU know there is so much MORE you can achieve.
  • Have you ever wonder why someone manifests his/her success effortlessly, while others are struggling to get by?
  • If you want to discover the more what is possible for you and live a life with clarity, certainty and confidence.

Join our upcoming event…      

When: Wednesday, 7 February at 17:30–21:00

Where: Mercure North Melbourne, Harker St & Flemington Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3052

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In this event, You will discover with Ying,

  • How to set and achieve your goals in all areas of your life by combing western psychology with Eastern philosophy
  • How to identify what are your roadblocks holding you back and how to overcome your negative emotions
  • How to transform your mindset to handle stress.
  • How to overcome self-criticism and doubts and build unshakeable confidence
  • How to achieve your goals and grow yourself in all aspects of life
  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level and become more authentically WHO YOU ARE.

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Who is this event for?

  • Professionals, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Someone who is looking for playing a bigger game in the next level
  • someone who has mission and purpose or is searching for more in life

Agenda for the Event

  • 17:30-18:30 Registration open
  • 18:00- Seminar begins, we start on time.( If you are running late, our crew service desk is outside the room)
  • 18:00-20:30 Seminar
  • 20:30-21:00 Executive Networking

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