Curate Space collaborates with Festivals throughout the year, with a range of packages designed to support festival programs.

The facilities are available for bookings day and night, seven days a week.

Curate Space can be booked for the whole or part of the festival.  hosting individual festival productions, a program throughout the festival, or even as a Hub for the overall program.

Curate Space as a Venue Partner

We are equipped to host sessions such as:

  • Performances
  • Masterclasses
  • Panel sessions
  • Showcases
  • Workshops

The Function Room

The Main venue seats up to 94 in the audience (theatre style) and is equipped with:

  • Audio system and sound management
  • Live Streaming and video production service
  • Three staging options
  • Catering service area

Workshop Space – As small venue or Backstage

A smaller space is also available with lighting and frosted glass backdrop for performance, level with audience. Seating up to 22.

For large function room productions, the workshop space can also serve as a backstage room, for gear and dressing room with its own bathroom.


The Lounge serves as a back of house area. It is adjacent to the Workshop space which is handy when its used as a dressing room.

Curate Space as a Festival Hub

The festival can take over the space with the team based on site!

Curate Space can be booked for the whole festival season hosting daily program of  events. Multiple spaces are available and can be customised to the needs of the program.

The Curate Space Team supporting the festival with producing the program.

Curate Space was the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival Hub for 2018, hosting 3-4 events a day for ten days.

Curate Space as a Festival Site office

In  the lead up to a festival the crew swells with contractors, volunteers and temp workers. The team needs a base!

Curate Space includes an events industry focused coworkspace, with space designated to producers and event organisers delivering programs in the onsite event spaces. Both flexible hotdesking and team rooms are available.

Hosting Meetings

A range of meeting rooms in different sizes are available for internal meetings, and also suited to meetings with festival partners, performers, media, sponsors and presenters.

The event space is also available for hosting volunteer training, briefings and launches.

Curate Space as a Festival / Event Producer

Event management and production services are also available through our Curate Events team.

The Curate Space Collaboration Portal ensures that everyone in the event team is on track and informed.

Curate Space as a Festival Broadcaster

Curate Space provides live streaming services, expanding your reach to an online audience. The live stream can either be free to air or you can set a ticket price for access to the content.

The broadcast and recordings can serve as a key marketing strategy for promotion events.

Curate Space as Accommodation

Two accommodation rooms are available onsite for touring artists, perfomers and presenters.

Artists in Residence

Touring artists ecan have Curate Space as their base, a private space on site where they are engaging their audience.

As well as being a venue for performing and exhibiting, the artist in residence can also utilise the spaces for delivering masterclasses and creative collaborations.

Hosting the Crew

Managing events = long days and nights. So event producers often book the onsite accommodation. Living on site enables you to save travel time and emerse yourself in the production. The rooms have desks enabling the rooms to also serve as a private workspace away from the festival activity.

Curate Space – Central Location

Location is a major consideration, being in close proximity to the a various festival venues, stakeholder offices and audiences. Curate Space is adjacent to the Bourke Street Mall, and only 200 meters to Melbourne Town Hall.

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