Speakers, facilitators, coaches and performers are invited to collaborate with Curate Space, to cultivate and engage with your audiences. Whatever the occasion, our events team works with you to ensure a quality experience for your guests. Our events team knows how important it is to leave a lasting impression. Arrange a viewing today!

Video Production and Live Streaming

Want to reach an online audience? You can even monetise the online tickets! Or do you want to record the event to turn the footage into learning resources? Can do!

Audience Participation

An engaged audience is a more satisfied audience. We can produce live audience polling with results showing live on screen. Audience questions can also be captured to inform the Q&A session.

You need feedback for reporting and continuous quality improvement … After the event we can engage your partiicipants in an event evaluation, with both qualitative and quantitiatve responses. A report of results is provided.


We will help you fill the room and attract bookings!The basic marketing package is included with your booking and a full suite of additional marketing services are also available. Custom advanced marketing services are also available as per a brief. Services include:

  • Marketing Campaign visual model – with collaboration tools for you have input and sign off on content.
  • Social media
  • Sales funnel with upsells
  • email sequences
  • Video campaigns – including interactive video and optins.
  • Reporting – including tracking engagement along the funnel

Ticketing systems

We can support you to sell tickets for your events through our networks and marketing channels. A range of ticketing platforms avaialble, including:

  • Meetups with established group following
  • The Curate Space Events Portal (launching soon)

Events and Services Marketplace

A range of presenters, facilitators, coaches and performers are available to book for your event. You can also be listed to be referred gigs. You can also sell your books and other services via the platform. Meet with our team to get listed.

Available Crew

We have a skilled team available to support your events.

Collaboration Discussion

A range of collaboration tools are available to ensure the events and projects are delivered effectively.

Collaborators receive an additional exposure through having their services promoted through the Curate Events Marketplace.

New Booking System

Over the next couple of weeks we are phasing in a new inquiry and booking system which will streamline the experience and give you more control over your account. Here is a quick look of the features of the new system.

In the meatime, request a booking and we will prepare you a proposal. 

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