Collaboration Portal

Event management can be complex, with multiple stakeholders, roles and tasks. How do you keep track of who is doing what?

The Curate Space Collaboration Portal ensures everyone in the event team is on track and informed.

Each team member:

  • Knows their own priorities – receiving email reminders
  • Is notified when key milestones are completed
  • Shares updates, files and links with the team in a shared workspace
  • Delegated tasks and sub-tasks
  • Advised of service delivery by Curate Space Crew
  • Working of the same running sheet on the day
  • Receiving automating followups and reminders for current and overdue tasks
collaboration portal sample image
Sample Event Project Management Collaboration Screen

When team members log in to the portal, each will see the projects and tasks boards where access has been granted.

EG: Speakers may have a lower level of access in the project, showing only their tasks to upload their headshot, bio and powerpoint slides.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 14.41.52
Login Page
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