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DIFVIC: Coworking and Collaboration Day

To celebrate the opening of the DIF Hub 2018, you’re invited to collaborate with us at Curate Space for a co-working day.

27 August, 10am-5pm

Book your ticket: Only $20 for a full day coworking alongside the festival production team

$20 gets you a desk all day in the heart of the city surrounded by entrepreneurs, changemakersexperts and innovators. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the DIF 2018 team and ask any questions you might have about speaking at the Hub or events happening during the festival.

Curate Space is the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival Hub.

We are proud to be partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver a ten day program of events, for audiences in the venue and online via the live stream. We are also the home for the festival team, working from our Festivals and Events Industry Coworking Space.


The 2018 DIF Hub will host sessions over 10 days of the festival from Monday 28 August to Friday 7 September 10.00am – 7.30pm at Curate Space in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

See the full DIFhub program


Curate Space is an event partner with the Victorian Government


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Digital Innovation Festival Hub

Curate Space is the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival Hub.

We are proud to be partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver a ten day program of events, for audiences in the venue and online via the live stream. We are also the home for the festival team, working from our Festivals and Events Industry Coworking Space.

A co-creation workshop was held at Curate Space on 30 July to design the program. Watch the video for highlights:

What inspires Melbourne’s digital innovators to make the difference through technology?

 runs over 10 days from Monday 27 August to Friday 7 September 10.00am – 7.30pm in the heart of the Melbourne CBD @ Curate Space.

The DIF Hub program 2018

Each day is a coworking day with up to 4 sessions on offer: kick off with a morning break with techs sharing their latest innovations; enjoy a lunch ‘n’ learn session with industry experts; join in a deep dive discussion with thought leaders and at the end wind down and meet inspiring entrepreneurs. Each session will be unique and provide opportunities to connect and explore how technology is making a difference in Melbourne.

Day Themes



Mon 27 Aug

Coworking Collaboration Day

Tue 28 Aug

Digital Careers Day

Wed 29 Aug

Business Transformation Day

Thu 30 Aug

Blockchain Day

Fri 31 Aug

Creative Industries Day

Mon 3 Sep

Smart Cities Day

Tue 4 Sep

Women Changing Tech Day

Wed 5 Sep

International Business Day

Thu 6 Sep

Safe’n’sound Day

Fri 7 Sep

Digital Health Day


Morning T(ech) 10.00 – 11.30 am

Tech entrepreneurs use digital tools to make business and society better. Start your day with those driving digital innovation in Melbourne. Hear the latest ideas or solutions to market from the experts.

Lunch ‘n’ Learn 12.30 – 2.00 pm

Learn top tips, hear latest trends, get inside info or learn practical guidance. Hear from industry experts from tech to business – there’s something for everyone.

Deep Dive 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Challenge your mind and explore digital innovation. Join an open session and thrash out ideas with others from industry, government and research.

Lessons Learned 6pm – 7.30 pm

Meet Melbourne entrepreneurs and tech startups and hear what they’ve learned along the way. Leadership and resilience are qualities these speakers share.

Session Information

  • Sessions are scheduled Monday 27 August to Friday 7 September.
  • Each day runs from 10.00am to 7.30pm and has four sessions as part of a series,
  • Sessions run for 90minutes and include discussion and networking for audience and panelists to engage.
  • Select sessions will be broadcast via Curate Space online, Facebook Live and available on YouTube post the event.
  • Each day will have a theme that brings together the sessions into a “mini-conference”.


Diversity of ideas and people is a core value of the Festival. Speakers will share their varied experiences.

  • Speakers could be a startup entrepreneur, international student, digital evangelist, technology expert, academic leader, government change agent, career changer or skilled migrant who has made Melbourne their home – they are all part of The DIF.
  • Over the past few months people have registered their interest to share their experience and knowledge as part of the festival this year either as an event host or speaker.
  • Speakers will be listed in the full program and information updated on the DIF calendar.

Open invitation for Melbourne-based speakers to be part of The DIF Hub line up.

Register interest here!

Program Curation

  • A co-creation workshop was held on 30 July to help create the program with ongoing discussions.
  • This was an open innovation for you to host a session or a whole day. Those who registered as a potential speaker, panelist or MC, were contacted by the Session Hosts to provide further information to see how they may be a part of their session.
  • Curation of the program is co-created via the festival management platform, so all hosts are aware of topics and speakers to avoid doubling up and ensure that the series is as representative of the vibrant local ecosystem as possible.

The Department, as the principal organiser and sponsor of the Digital Innovation Festival reserves the right for final approval of sessions to ensure that the event meets the festival core values and goals, in particular in regard to gender equity.

What’s the deal?

We know that putting on events can be time consuming and expensive. So, we want to help make it as easy as possible and have worked to craft a deal that works for all stakeholders – we hope you agree.

Collaboration: Who does what:

Curate Space responsibilities:

  • Provide venue facilities and crew
  • Event production management
  • Video production and live streaming of sessions
  • Hosting the festival team in the on-site coworking facilities

Victorian Government responsibilities:

  • Management of the venue booking including costs of site and audio-visual hire;
  • Event registration via Eventbrite, managing attendee and waitlists in collaboration with event hosts;
  • Listing on the DIF event calendar website as a Featured Event
  • Promotion of the event via social media @DIFvic, email marketing to industry contacts;
  • Catering costs subsidized apart from income covered by ticket sales budget via Curate Space.

Event Hosts responsibilities:

  • Organizing their allocated session;
  • Recruiting and coordinating speakers ensuring a gender balance across mc, speakers and panelists;
  • Promotion of their sessions and the overall event to their networks via email and social media via #DIFvic;
  • Display digital innovation festival branding on promotional material electronic and print as appropriate;
  • Whilst the department will be calling for open registrations to attend these free sessions, some limited seating will also be set aside for the VIPs via a specific code.


Curate Space is an event partner with the Victorian Government


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Blissful Stillness Meditation

Relief from stress, anxiety, restlessness and other feelings of unhappiness with just one simple step. Feel Blissful Stillness through meditation. Lucy Louca will guide you through both group and private meditations. Convenient lunchtime sessions in the Melbourne CBD are now available through Curate Space.

Give yourself permission to do nothing for a while and let your mind wander and drift until it arrives at the point of simply being. Thoughts exist but they don’t matter, tension dissolves, discomfort and pain ease, anxiety and stress released. You will find clarity of mind, restore ease and calmness in your life and discover your authentic self.

The practice of Stillness meditation is an effortless, natural experience that is accessible to all of us. There are no breathing exercises, visualisations, mantras, chanting or even paying attention! In fact, nothing much will be asked of you, other than to sit and rest! In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how to let go of tension and stress while restoring balance to your central nervous system resulting in a calmer response to life.

Weekly lunchtime sessions are offered in the Melbourne CBD starting 17 July. We are launching the new program with a free first session.

Update: The July-August program has completed. The next season of meditation will be announced soon.

Secure your FREE ticket for the Introductory Session below:

Continue reading “Blissful Stillness Meditation”

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‘The art of collaboration’

In conversation with Stonebridge, Mark Carter and Chloe Beevers, discussing ‘the art of collaboration’.

The world renowned godfather of Swedish house music, legendary producer DJ StoneBridge is at Curate Space today following his three headline gigs over new years.

Author and keynote presenter who has worked in over 40 countries, Mark Carter launched his book ‘Ignite Your Potential’ at Curate Space last year.

Chloe Beevers is the founder of Curate Space and producer at Strategic Artistry.

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Prosper with Passion Christmas Party

Renée Hasseldine brings guest speaker Mark Bowness for Networking Event and Chirstmas Party for one last time in 2017.

Are you:

• Wanting a brainstrust of business owners who are savvy, switched on and great at what they do, so that you can bounce your ideas off them and get important feedback?

• Wanting to collaborate with others?

• Wanting to learn new strategies from experts in their zone of genius so that you can take your business to the next level?

Well, then THIS is the Meetup for YOU.

Register now for the event for only $25 per person.

There will be open discussion around strategies and knowledge sharing so that we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge. Connections will be made, stories told, tips shared and results achieved.

Running a business can be lonely, especially in the age of Social Media, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help each other, support one another and enjoy the power of collaborative support.