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Speakers’ Masterclass: ‘This is not my Tour’ Workshop

Having previously hosting his ‘Presenters Experience’ Workshop at Curate Space, Andrew Eggelton returns with his new program. The ‘This is not my tour’ workshop, is a 4 hour Presenter’s Masterclass to learn what it takes to be a world class presenter.

Curate Space has been designed with presenters and coaches in mind. By providing  venues, event production, video streaming and marketing services, presenters are relieved from logistics, free to focus on delivering their message and passion on stage.

About the event

The 4 hours Masterclass would be showcasing what Andrew Eggelton has learned in 2018 and the following:

  • Artistry – Firstly, he will be working with people one on one to highlight examples and tools of his work and unique brand of Presenting.
  • Expansion – Creating our goals only works if you know the person you need to be to reach that goal. I know, it gets deep! Effectively, we’re removing luck and building certainty by designing whom that is. If we want to be a World Class Presenter, and shift thousands of hearts and minds, then we need to know what that looks like. The expansion exercise is becoming a signature part of my training and something I’m experimenting with in workshops over the world.
  • World Class – The first and most significant step you can take towards being a professional Speaker; is a clear understanding of what it really looks and feels like to be World Class. Opportunities are hard fought, so let’s look at what this actually looks like.
  • Value – What is your value on stage? Know what your audience is taking away from your Presenting and how to frame this up at the beginning. By knowing your value, you’ll also be able to look at how to build your Workshops and Programs more effectively.
  • Creating a Speakers Lifestyle – Do you want to know how to monetize speaking gigs? Forget the myth you get paid to speak; it’s all about how you monetize the opportunities.

When: Wednesday, 26th September, 10 am to 2 pm

Location: Curate Space, Level 6, 306 Little Collins Street

Ticket Price: $160

Limited to 15 people, so book now!

Presenting Mentor

Andrew Eggelton is an Internationally renowned Presenting Coach with a gift in helping others become congruent with their authentic, unique gift. He guides people on stage and in front of a camera to feel what it’s like when using their gift and how to clearly articulate it to others. He nurtures his clients to seek this ‘feeling’ each time they work and installs confidence in their ability and uniqueness. Calling on 24 years of experience in front of and behind the camera, working with names such as Ryan Gosling and Michael J Fox to name a couple and picking up numerous Awards, Andrew now travels all year round, speaking on stage and coaching those who wish to take themselves and their personal message to the world to empower others and leave their own legacy. ‘When you shift your Presenting from your head to your heart you’ll never forget your words again’.

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