Want to perform at Melbourne Fringe? As an official Fringe venue, Curate Space invites performers and producers to submit proposals





Curate Space is producing a Melbourne Fringe Festival program of events to be held at our Melbourne Curate Space venue. We are now calling for expressions of interest from performers and producers.

The spaces are available for bookings day and night, every day of the week. You can book the whole evening or a shorter slot with multiple performances in an evening.

Curate Space is a boutique venue adjacent to the Bourke St Mall. The lift entry opens directly into the reception area, where our friendly crew welcome you and your guests. Styled with original artworks and quality design, it’s an inspiring setting for events.


Spanning 500 square meters, the integrated space incorporates a versatile function venue, meeting rooms/workshop spaces, co-working, lounge, balcony and accommodation. With an onsite kitchen events can be catered inhouse.

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‘PRISM Leadership Lab’ – Workshop

Designed for Innovative Creatives  & Leaders of the Future.

Curate Space is hosting the ‘PRISM TRAINING’ Workshop in May 3rd to 6th, 2018 conducted by Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud with host from Australia, Jassy Watson as a special guest teacher.

A Four-Day Voyage into the quantum heart of leadership. This is your invitation to designed to catalyze personal leadership, creative genius, regenerative ecology and conscious entrepreneurship  through unreasonable self-expression. 

What if we moved the way the planets move? The way the stars spin? The way trees grow? The way water flows?

What kind of life would we create if we aligned ourselves and our projects with the most powerful movement of creation?

In our 4 Day Training in Melbourne City, Australia, we explore these inquiries as it relates to leadership and entrepreneurship.

A deep dive into the recreation of your innovative Worldview and Sacred Assignment + Regenerative Ecology + Your Cosmic Agency.

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Breakfast Event: ‘Leading a Learning Organisation’ – Fishbowl Discussion

Curate Space is hosting PSK Performance for an interactive Fishbowl Discussion in Melbourne.

  • PSK Performance is the curator of expert-led interactive and thought-provoking events specialising in the format of Fishbowl Discussions and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London.
  • PSK Performance is committed to providing you with an interactive environment where current ‘hot’ topics and issues are openly discussed and challenged, information and ideas are shared that stimulate ‘plans into action’ and new connections are formed through networking at each event.
  • We have brought together a panel of nationally and internationally recognised experts, who are ready to share their stories and years of experience by inviting the audience to participate in a unique Fishbowl format discussion.

Topic: ‘Leading a Learning Organisation’

When: 28 March 2018
Where: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St Melbourne. See directions to the venue
Arrive: 8:00 am to 10:00 am

Tickets are available at $65.00

You will enjoy a selection of healthy and contemporary buffet style breakfast options as you network and connect with like-minded participants.


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Business Writing Workshops: Blogs and Beyond

Curate Space is hosting Ann Bolch of ‘A story to tell’ for ‘Business Writing Workshops: Blogs and Beyond’ in Melbourne

  • You’re passionate and proud of the work you do. And you know you need to write about it to get the story out there. But it’s not happening.
  • Blogs and Beyond is one-third professional development, one-third personal development and one-third a map to make your business communication ready, real and right.
  • It’s so hands on, there’ll be times when your writing hand actually gets sore!

‘Blogs and Beyond’ Workshop

When: 15 March 2018
Where: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St Melbourne. See directions to the venue

Arrive: 12:45 pm for a 1:00 pm start
Close: 5:00 pm

Tickets are available for $195.00
Brain food provided!

Blogs and Beyond Workshop: ‘Women’s Business’

When: 27 March 2018
A women only workshop, timed around school drop-off and pickup!
Where: Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St Melbourne. See directions to the venue

Arrive: 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start
Close: 2:30 pm

Tickets are available for $195.00
Brain food provided!

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‘The Presenters Experience’ – Workshop by Andrew Eggelton

Curate Space is partnering with Andrew Eggelton for ‘The Presenters Experience’ Workshop in Melbourne on 15th March. 

It’s time to begin your powerful journey, deliver your unique message to the world, empower others and leave your own legacy.

This half day workshop will take you through ‘The Journey of World Class Presenter’ with Andrew Eggelton.

When: Thursday, 15th March at 10:00–13:00
Where: Curate Space 306 Little Collins St, Melbourne, CBD. See directions to the venue

[hc-hmw snippet=”The-Presenters-Experience-by-Andrew-Eggelton”]

  • ‘World Class’ begins by dropping our Presenting from our Heads to our Hearts, so we focus on the feeling and less, the technical. The feeling is what engages our audience.
  • For example, can you remember a movie that made you laugh, cry or changed the way you viewed the world by shifting how you felt at the time? Now can you remember all the dialogue? Exactly.

  • ‘Self Expression.’ Understand that YOU are your cut through. By having the freedom to express who you are on stage, not only do you stand out, but more importantly, it becomes effortless.
  • By being you, you’re giving your audience permission to be the same, as you invite each other to authentically connect. That’s a gift!
  • Play within a ‘Framework’ created to suit each individual – If you’re listening or feeling into your audience, you’ll know what they need moment to moment as the words simply find their way to your lips.
  • And lastly, fully ‘Embody’ your Presenting, to become an authority in your field.

What happens here, is that you truly believe in what you’re doing, which shows up in your body language, voice, words and energy, organically.


Bonus ticket to the ‘Clarity, Certainty and Confidence’ Workshop

Curate Space is partnering with Y Square Education for the ‘Clarity, Certainty and Confidence’ Workshop in Melbourne on 7th February. Through Curate Space you will receive a second ticket for a colleague or friend. 

  • You are successful in your career and personal lives, but somewhere underneath, at a much deeper level, YOU know there is so much MORE you can achieve.
  • Have you ever wonder why someone manifests his/her success effortlessly, while others are struggling to get by?
  • If you want to discover the more what is possible for you and live a life with clarity, certainty and confidence.

Join our upcoming event…      

When: Wednesday, 7 February at 17:30–21:00

Where: Mercure North Melbourne, Harker St & Flemington Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3052

Book my ticket

In this event, You will discover with Ying,

  • How to set and achieve your goals in all areas of your life by combing western psychology with Eastern philosophy
  • How to identify what are your roadblocks holding you back and how to overcome your negative emotions
  • How to transform your mindset to handle stress.
  • How to overcome self-criticism and doubts and build unshakeable confidence
  • How to achieve your goals and grow yourself in all aspects of life
  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level and become more authentically WHO YOU ARE.

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Who is this event for?

  • Professionals, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Someone who is looking for playing a bigger game in the next level
  • someone who has mission and purpose or is searching for more in life

Agenda for the Event

  • 17:30-18:30 Registration open
  • 18:00- Seminar begins, we start on time.( If you are running late, our crew service desk is outside the room)
  • 18:00-20:30 Seminar
  • 20:30-21:00 Executive Networking

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Freedompreneur Summit – want 90% off?

Curate Space is partnering with the Global Entrepreneurship School the Freedompreneur Summit in Melbourne on 24 January. It is the essential summit for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers.

Want 90% off your ticket?

Being a partner, we have ten tickets to share with our community, at $16 each rather than  $160! TODAY 19 Jan is the cut off the receive 90% off your ticket! Message us to receive one of the ten special tickets 🙂

When: Wednesday, 24 January at 18:00–21:30

Where: The Larwill Studio, 48 Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3052

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Loving Life Meetup – Personal Development & Wellbeing

The Loving Life Meetup is for people who want more authentic connection with themselves and others.

The program of events includes workshops, discussions and gatherings are presented with special guest facilitators visiting from across Australia.

The home for this Group’s Events is Curate Space, an authentic venue in the Melbourne CBD (near the Bourke St Mall).

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Curate Space Community E-News – December 2017

Welcome to Curate Space, where we collaborate with presenters and performers to deliver their events; and curate a program of events delivered through our venues and spaces.

In this issue we show some of the upcoming events, and opportunities at our Melbourne location.

As well as hosting your Melbourne events, we are setting up new locations to be announced in January 2018! Stay tuned as the network grows.

Hair with Heart – Charity Event



Our Founder Chloe Beevers is having her hair cut off, 35cm length to be donated to be made into a wig for a child with alopecia … on stage! While interviewing an inspiring CEO with alopecia. Thousands of Australians suffer from Alopecia – an autoimmune disease which results in varying degrees of hair loss. Help us to raise awareness to this cause! Hair and profits collected on the night will be donated to Variety so that wigs can be made for children suffering with Alopecia Areata. Read More


Relationships are hard, especially at this time of year. How do we develop Heartfelt Relationships and a deeper sense of connection?

Lets ask Robert Kirby, who has trained and coached people all over the world. Curate Space is bringing Robert to Melbourne especially to deliver the Heartfelt Relationships intro session and workshop this week.

Heartfelt Relationships

Introductory FREE Workshop


Are you looking for a life partner, or do you want to make your current relationship even better? Introductory workshop: Join us for a FREE workshop on the 15th of December, which will introduce you to everything you need to enjoy a loving committed relationship Read More


Heartfelt Relationships Workshop

Curate Events is bringing Internationally recognised presenter Robert Kirby to Melbourne for this one day program. Whether if your single or in a relationship, this workshop will help you heal the pain from past relationships and teach you how to open your heart and attract your intellectual and emotional match Read More


Creating Video Content for Business

Workshop – Video Strategy 101


In this workshop, one of Australia’s leading video strategists, and Director of the Deli Agency, Rebecca Saunders will walk you through 5 the fundamentals of a solid video strategy:


Workshop – Creating a video content for your business

Here’s what you’ll learn at DeliBytes LIVE:

  • Using iPhone / Android phones to record HD video
  • Framing & setting up a professional looking shot
  • Utilising natural light and/or setting up lighting. Read More


Prosper with Passion Christmas Party


Renée Hasseldine brings guest speaker Mark Bowness for this special Networking Event and Christmas Party. Do you want to learn new strategies from experts so that you can take your business to the next level? Read More


Authentic Community- Coaches and Speakers Gathering


Our CEO Chloe Beevers is a graduate of the Authentic Education PHD and has offered to host the network gatherings for the Melbourne network of people who have completed these programs.Register now for this Networking event: FREE registration Read More


Free Event Planning session and 10% off your first venue hire using discount code ‘firstvenuehire’


Dont organise your event … we’ll organise it for you! Freeing you up to do what you do best on stage.

We have also hosted Government, Corporate and Private bookings for events and meetings, so let us know what you need.

Meet with our Founder and experienced event producer Chloe Beevers for a planning session to design your 2018 program.

Book your venue with Curate Space and receive a 10% off your first venue hire using the code: ‘firstvenuehire.

Book a free event planning session and special venue rates

Profile Image Chloe Beevers
Founder and CEO
Curate Space
Office Phone: 03 9639 3940
[email protected]

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram


Strategic Artistry Po Box 4010 Melbourne, Victoria 3001 Australia 0396393940

‘The art of collaboration’

In conversation with Stonebridge, Mark Carter and Chloe Beevers, discussing ‘the art of collaboration’.

The world renowned godfather of Swedish house music, legendary producer DJ StoneBridge is at Curate Space today following his three headline gigs over new years.

Author and keynote presenter who has worked in over 40 countries, Mark Carter launched his book ‘Ignite Your Potential’ at Curate Space last year.

Chloe Beevers is the founder of Curate Space and producer at Strategic Artistry.

Prosper with Passion Christmas Party

Renée Hasseldine brings guest speaker Mark Bowness for Networking Event and Chirstmas Party for one last time in 2017.

Are you:

• Wanting a brainstrust of business owners who are savvy, switched on and great at what they do, so that you can bounce your ideas off them and get important feedback?

• Wanting to collaborate with others?

• Wanting to learn new strategies from experts in their zone of genius so that you can take your business to the next level?

Well, then THIS is the Meetup for YOU.

Register now for the event for only $25 per person.

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There will be open discussion around strategies and knowledge sharing so that we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge. Connections will be made, stories told, tips shared and results achieved.

Running a business can be lonely, especially in the age of Social Media, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help each other, support one another and enjoy the power of collaborative support.

Hair with Heart – Charity Event

35cm Hair Donation Cut Live on Stage while interviewing a CEO bald with Alopecia:
Thousands of Australians suffer from Alopecia – an autoimmune disease which results in varying degrees of hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.

The disease usually presents itself in childhood, and there are hundreds of children suffering with Alopecia who are in need of quality wigs. Which is why we’re raising awareness by teaming up with Variety, the Children’s Charity, and holding a ‘Hair With Heart’ night at The Curate Space.

Chloe Beevers, Founder of The Curate Space, will be making a 35cm hair donation live on the night courtesy of stylist Christopher Kapetanov from Preen; and Rebecca Saunders, Founder & CEO of the Deli Agency, will be sharing her inspiring journey which has thrived personally and professionally despite experiencing Alopecia Universalis (complete hairlessness) since the age of 7.

Hair and profits collected on the night will be donated to Variety so that wigs can be made for children suffering with Alopecia Areata.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an auto-immune disease that results in hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It can range from small, individual smooth patches of hair loss, to total loss of all hair on the body – including ear and nose hair. Alopecia Areata is not uncommon, and current estimates suggest that 2% of the population will be affected by the condition at some point in their lifetime. It can affect people all ages, genders and ethnicity, but most commonly presents during childhood.

About Hair With Heart

Donations of hair are made into specialised wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition such as alopecia or cancer. Variety raises funds through the sale of the hair which is then used to provide equipment and services to children in need so your hair can help in more ways than one!

Chloe Beevers, MC, Interviewers and Founder of Curate Space & Curate Events
Rebecca Saunders, Founder & CEO of the Deli Agency and the woman behind ‘Confessions of an Alopecian’
Hairdresser: Christopher Kapetanov, Preen
Charity: Variety Hair with Heart

Tickets are $37 (inc GST), which includes light refreshments and finger food. Hair and profits will be donated to ‘Variety – the Children’s Charity

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Authentic Community- Coaches and Speakers Gathering

Connect with Melbourne’s community of speakers and coaches who have trained through Authentic Education.

The gathering is being hosted by Curate Space who’s founder is an alumni of the Authentic Education programs.

Register now for this Networking event: FREE registration

Unlimited hot beverages available throughout the event
[hc-hmw snippet=”Authentic-community-networking”]
Curate Space is both a venue and a network for speakers, facilitators, and coaches in the Melbourne CBD.

On Monday, everyone will have the opportunity to talk about their programs, we will tour Curate Space and explore future networking and collaborations.

Workshop – Creating Video Content for Business

Video Strategy 101: In this workshop, one of Australia’s leading video strategists, and Director of the Deli Agency, Rebecca Saunders will walk you through the 5 fundamentals of a solid video strategy.

Creating Video Content for Business: Discover everything you need to know about creating video content for your business. From working with a production company to filming your own business videos on your smartphone at DeliBytes LIVE.

Register now for Rebecca Saunders ’s Workshop for only $249 each for a person.

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Workshop – Heartfelt Relationships

Are you looking for a life partner, or do you want to make your current relationship even better?

Do you want to be flowing with self-love so that you can improve all the relationships in your life?

Curate Events is bringing Internationally recognised presenter Robert Kirby to Melbourne for a one day program.

Register now for Robert Kirby’s Heartfelt Relationships workshop on 20th October for only $55

  • Tea and coffee included throughout the day.

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If you’re single, this workshop will help you heal the pain from past relationships and teach you how to open your heart so that you attract your intellectual and emotional match.

If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll get the tools to re-ignite the passion, connection and intimacy with your partner.

“Robert Kirby is one of finest personal development experts in the world. He is dynamic, courageous and tireless in his commitment to supporting others in living their dream.” Dr Donna Hamilton, Leading Marriage and Family Therapist

Book a VENUE TOUR & receive an Event Planning Session

Getting a quote and making a booking

There are two options for making your booking:

New Booking System

Over the next couple of weeks we are phasing in a new inquiry and booking system which will streamline the experience and give you more control over your account. Here is a quick look of the features of the new system.

In the meatime, request a booking and we will prepare you a proposal. 

Mobile App

An event planner in your pocket!

Manage your bookings for events, venues & services on the go.

New Website and App Launching in November: You have more control for managing your bookings

Our current APP for managing your bookings is being phased out. The new system is far superior, with a user friendly interface, will easily manage your bookings and engage.

  • See live calendar – saving having to go back and forth to see when the spaces and services are available
  • Make instant bookings – get straight into promoting your session! A life saver for those last minute meetings too.
  • Modify your bookings – We know how events can evolve, so you will be able to modify your bookings as you go
  • Tell us what you need – Specify how you want the room set up and what equipment you need, so we can have everything set up for you on arrival
  • Book any additional services such as catering or video production
  • Liaise with our team with customer service tickets ensuring we respond to your requests
  • Book tickets for events
  • Have your events listed, promoted and registration of guests managed at reception via the companion kosks
  • Manage your account – bookings & billing
  • Manage your membership – engage in members only services and access
  • Be part of the network – Be listed in our directory and engage with other members (members)

Here’s a tease of the coming experience:


While our current booking app is being phased out, it is still available on both iphone and Android; phones and tablets for a limited time.


LivingNow Live!

Curate Events and Curate Space are collaborating with LivingNow Magazine to present a line up of recent authors on stage, talking about their feature articles in the current issue! Meet your favourite writers in person at this special event.

Early Bird price: $37 (booking before 19/11)
Ticket price: $42

There are two payment methods, directly from within this page or via our online store . Please use our online store to buy multiple tickets or if any issues with the bank cards.


[hc-hmw snippet=”Event—Living-Now”]

Join us at Curate Space for a stellar evening of inspiration & networking with recent LivingNow authors. You’ve loved their articles; now’s your chance to come, hear them speak and meet them in person!
The evening includes Q&A and break out sessions. Drinks and canapés included.
Get Directions to the Venue

Weekly Yoga with Jess Jones

[hc-hmw snippet=”Weekly-Yoga-with-Jess-Jones”]Set yourself up for the week ahead with an intentional based, yoga practice guided by the breath to shift stagnant energy, stiff muscles and any ‘case of the Mondays’ mentality. Walk away inspired, focused and energized with a directed intention for the week!

Jess has been a travelling yogini since 2004 with strong roots in the Hatha yog tradition including Ashtanga Vinyasa method, combined with a Fitness, Ayurveda, nutrition and Wellness coaching background. She shares her extensive experience & passion as a unique, inspiring light along the students individual journey inward encouraging their practice to extend beyond the mat. Jess lives by Patanjali’s eight limb path as closely as her own path has brought her to date, cultivating a lifestyle to inspire progress not perfection, intentional living and balance in all areas of life. Her ultimate goal is to bring the tradition of the East to the West to inspire and evolve our practices for spiritual growth, healing and cultivate a life of vitality and wellness. Jess also aims to assist in the immersion of Westerners into the East through retreats, in order to fund the education, development, and empowerment of young women in India to fulfill their dreams of visiting the West.

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