Booking and Payment Options


Make an enquiry, by requesting a quote and we will issue an event venue proposal and quote.

New Booking System

Over the next couple of weeks we are phasing in a new inquiry and booking system which will streamline the experience and give you more control over your account. Here is a quick look of the features of the new system.

In the meatime, request a booking and we will prepare you a proposal. 


Upon booking confirmation, a tax invoice will be sent via email.

Payment Options

Either pay online via our ecommerce system, or via a direct deposit.

While direct deposit is easy for one off bookings, having an account and paying via our system is recommended for those who are regulars, members or making multiple bookings. This makes future bookings and payments easy.

Direct Deposit

Please check the Invoice emails to check the amount to be paid for the past visits.

If you choose direct deposit into our bank account as your payment method, please advise us if/when payment is made and include the invoice number in the transaction description. Please make the payment to the following account

BSB: 033-157

Account: 479807

Curate Space is an initiative of Strategic Artistry Pty Ltd

ABN 41608529924

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