#DIFhub18 Business Transformation Day

29th August 2018 at the DIF Hub

Join the audience at Curate Space, the Digital Innovation Festival Hub.

A full day program of events focusing on Business Transformation has been curated as part of the DIF Hub program. Register for the specific sessions of interest, or make a day of it, and receive complimentary coworking and collaboration at the DIF Hub.

Morning T(ech): Democratising Hardware with Moduware

Moduware is striving to democratise the hardware industry through our unique Modular solution. The aim is to transform the Hardware industry with our innovative product, streamlining production and design to make life easier for makers and hobbyists. Jason will talk about the challenges of working in different countries and also the trials and tribulations of Hardware venture capitalism.

Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Future Proof or Future Effective? What it takes to sustainably out-perform

Sustained out-performance for large-scale Australian cultured organisations: A whirlwind tour of where the world of financial systems, investors, regulators and large businesses are going with a focus on long-term oriented sustained creation of value. The only organisations who will succeed are those who have a capacity to continually respond, renew and regenerate. And now… breakthrough research that explains how the truly outstanding Australian performers are doing it, and why getting your innovation, decision-making and governance aligned is fundamental to your future success.

Deep Dive: Being Investible

How to be the person other will invest their time, reputation, resources and money with. Learn from John C H Perry who is a co-creator of an innovation framework and thinking tools widely used in his mentoring and coaching community. John’s mission is to set people up to play to their strengths and seize their value whilst bringing positive global results.

Curate Space is the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival Hub.

We are proud to be partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver a ten day program of events, for audiences in the venue and online via the live stream. We are also the home for the festival team, working from our Festivals and Events Industry Coworking Space.


The 2018 DIF Hub will host sessions over 10 days of the festival from Monday 28 August to Friday 7 September 10.00am – 7.30pm at Curate Space in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

See the full DIFhub program

Curate Space is an event partner with the Victorian Government


6/306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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