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Blissful Stillness Meditation

Relief from stress, anxiety, restlessness and other feelings of unhappiness with just one simple step. Feel Blissful Stillness through meditation. Lucy Louca will guide you through both group and private meditations. Convenient lunchtime sessions in the Melbourne CBD are now available through Curate Space.

Give yourself permission to do nothing for a while and let your mind wander and drift until it arrives at the point of simply being. Thoughts exist but they don’t matter, tension dissolves, discomfort and pain ease, anxiety and stress released. You will find clarity of mind, restore ease and calmness in your life and discover your authentic self.

The practice of Stillness meditation is an effortless, natural experience that is accessible to all of us. There are no breathing exercises, visualisations, mantras, chanting or even paying attention! In fact, nothing much will be asked of you, other than to sit and rest! In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how to let go of tension and stress while restoring balance to your central nervous system resulting in a calmer response to life.

Weekly lunchtime sessions are offered in the Melbourne CBD starting 17 July. We are launching the new program with a free first session.

Update: The July-August program has completed. The next season of meditation will be announced soon.

Secure your FREE ticket for the Introductory Session below:

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When practised regularly, some of the benefits of Stillness meditation include:

Come as you are, no special attire needed. You will be sitting in comfortable chairs in a lovely warm room, in a central city location. For convenience and ease 40 minute sessions are offered allowing time to enjoy some stillness in your lunch hour.

Join us! Give your mind a real break on your lunch break and find your bliss!

Lucy Louca

Lucy is a Counsellor and experienced presenter at workshops and seminars. She runs regular meditation classes and conducts workshops at the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre in Melbourne. She also works with clients on an individual basis assisting them in their personal development work. With a corporate background she has a particular interest in introducing Stillness Meditation to the workplace for the management and relief of stress and anxiety. She has been running a women’s spirituality group for over 10 years and is planning retreats for body, mind and spirit re-balance. She is an accredited SMT (Stillness Meditation Therapy) Teacher and a registered Meditation Teacher with Meditation Association of Australia (MA). She is available to conduct workplace meditation sessions and courses, conference presentations and sessions, as well as for private consultations.

What is Stillness Meditation Therapy?

Stillness Meditation therapy is characterised by the absence of any technique. Physiologically based, it was founded in the 1950’s by Dr Ainslie Meares, who accordingly is recognised as the ‘father’ of therapeutic meditation. The therapy does not have any connection to religious or cultural beliefs and ideologies, a man and a scientist, truly ahead of his time, Dr Meares was one of the first to recognise the body-mind connection and the effect of stress and anxiety to our health. He developed his particular type of Stillness, specifically for the western mind. It is an effortless experience where people return to a natural state of global rest – of body, mind and emotions. Practiced regularly it brings about inner calm which gradually flows into all areas of life, resulting in a calmer response to our hectic and busy lives.

Curate Space

Curate Space works with only the highest quality of services, Blissful Stillness is no exception. Consequently, our staff were lucky enough to experience first-hand the  effects of the stillness mediation program in a taster session of our own. We can confirm we walked out of the session with heightened senses, whilst feeling lowered levels of stress and anxiety. So come and enjoy us for a free introductory session! on Tuesday 17th July, 2018 at 12.30pm – 1.30pm (1 hour)

A Range of Program Options

Weekly Group Meditation

Every Tuesday, Time – 12.40pm – 1.20pm from 24th July.

$30 per session booked casually or, reduce the cost by investing in the eight session program …

Meditation Program – Eight session pass

The program of 8 group sessions is an investment in yourself for $199.00, valid for weekly sessions in the three months following purchase. Save $40 on booking individually.

The Whole Meditation Program

Would you benefit from some one-on-one guidance and customised support from the facilitator? The Whole Meditation Program provides three private consultations in addition to the eight sessions.

The Whole program provides the best value, rather than booking group meditations and private sessions individually. This package includes 8 group sessions plus 3 one-one sessions at $549.00 (Saving a further $100)

Private Consultations

Book an Individual Meditation Consultation with Lucy Louca:

The one-on-one session with Lucy Louca is customised to your needs. Sessions are available casually at $150 or enrol for the Premium Meditation Program and have three private consultations included with the eight group meditations.

Sessions are available every Tuesday afternoon from 2.00pm – 6.00pm, scheduled on the hour – i.e. 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm; each appointment 50 minutes duration) Casual one-one session at $150.00 per session


Book your casual or program pass to secure your place. When you set up your free login, you will be able to use the Curate Space app to book and redeem your sessions.

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  1. Programs valid for 3 months
  2. Any missed group sessions can be rescheduled within this time
  3. 24-hour notice required for cancellation of individual session or session is forfeited


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