‘PRISM Leadership Lab’ – Workshop

Designed for Innovative Creatives  & Leaders of the Future.

Curate Space is hosting the ‘PRISM TRAINING’ Workshop in May 3rd to 6th, 2018 conducted by Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud with host from Australia, Jassy Watson as a special guest teacher.

A Four-Day Voyage into the quantum heart of leadership. This is your invitation to designed to catalyze personal leadership, creative genius, regenerative ecology and conscious entrepreneurship  through unreasonable self-expression. 

What if we moved the way the planets move? The way the stars spin? The way trees grow? The way water flows?

What kind of life would we create if we aligned ourselves and our projects with the most powerful movement of creation?

In our 4 Day Training in Melbourne City, Australia, we explore these inquiries as it relates to leadership and entrepreneurship.

A deep dive into the recreation of your innovative Worldview and Sacred Assignment + Regenerative Ecology + Your Cosmic Agency.


  • PRISM Training will begin at 3pm on Thursday, May 3rd and end at 3pm on Sunday, May 6th.
  • Each day’s event will begin at 11am and end by 6pm, with a relaxing lunch break.

Please note: Those traveling from the US/Northern Hemisphere are advised to arrive a day earlier to account for the timezone change and jet lag.


Curate Space, 306 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Central (CBD area), Victoria, Australia. See directions to the venue

Ticket Price: $1595 AUD


What’s included?

  • Four days of inquisitive, catalytic PRISM Teachings by Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan Lewis, along with our Host, Jassy Watson!
  • Golden Paints and 30X40 canvas. We ask that you bring your own brushes if you have them and a smock – otherwise we have them.
  • Water, Coffee, Tea and light snacks

What’s not included?

Lodging, meals & transportation.

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Is PRISM for you? 

  • Are you a visionary entrepreneur, edge-walking leader, hot executive, creative catalyst, badass innovator, big dreamer, life coach, mystic revealer, group trainer or educator, innovative artist who is on the cusp of a breakthrough?
  • Do you question the existing systems of business, government, banking, internet and marketing and wonder how you can make your way through to the ‘world’ and still be authentic to your truths and your own experience? We do.
  • We talk about it almost every day. In fact, our conversations about how the world works, and how we can create sacred work within it, is what inspired PRISM.
  • Our passionate morning cafe’s as lovers, gave rise to this curriculum and our love of the regenerative teachings of earth.

Ready for a re-orientation to how you view the universe?

  • Seeing how nature, the cosmos, your cellular structure, your quantum field and creation itself are designed CHANGES EVERYTHING about how you see the world, and therefore how you see yourself, and therefore how you make things happen.
  • PRISM is access to NEW QUANTUM ENERGY IDEAS that you can put into place immediately. Because the awareness is instant, the access is instant. It’s awesome.
  • We will work together to POWERFULLY review the quantum heart and quantum mind connection.

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