Freedompreneur Summit – want 90% off?

Curate Space is partnering with the Global Entrepreneurship School the Freedompreneur Summit in Melbourne on 24 January. It is the essential summit for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers.

Want 90% off your ticket?

Being a partner, we have ten tickets to share with our community, at $16 each rather than  $160! TODAY 19 Jan is the cut off the receive 90% off your ticket! Message us to receive one of the ten special tickets 🙂

When: Wednesday, 24 January at 18:00–21:30

Where: The Larwill Studio, 48 Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3052

Join the movement who are living  Semi-Retired now by turning their passions into passive side incomes or their business into a passive wealth machine..

Learn 16 NEW $MULTI-MILLION Passive Wealth Hacks REPLACING Unfulfilling Jobs, Network Marketing, Risky Trading & Property; plus REDESIGNING Stressful Businesses. Started fast from the price of coffee a day & an hour a week.

Gone are the days when a passive income was about high cost, long term, high risk investing in property, trading, MLM pyramid schemes or needing tech skills.

Learn how to make a significant income blogging, podcasting or making videos part-time, (while travelling if you like?!).

Those who know are turning the ‘new education age’ into high wealth incomes in just 2 days a month & making a positive impact.

While some work long hours ‘hustling’, others redesign their marketing & systems into passive wealth machines & you can too.

Implement Just Six Unique Revelations learnt questioning the Wealthiest & Wisest Passive Income Experts on the Planet. Your summit is not just unique ideas… get the guidance & space to… actually implement:

  • How Bestselling Author Tim Ferris cracked the code so you can also be semi-retired in 18 months.
  • How Ariana Huffington from Huff Post went from stressed & depressed to truly successful & happy.
  • How Tony Robbins went from homeless & in an unhappy marriage to a billionaire advising US presidents.
  • Unique productivity & creative financial wisdom Marc learnt from billionaire Sir Richard Branson to confidently catapult financial freedom & dream lifestyles.


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